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R. Lee Gotschalk Jr.

“I can’t drive in a straight line!”

That’s probably what my wife and grown children would say. I’m too busy scouring the countryside checking for Nature’s highlights and shadows to pay attention to the road. They have become so used to me pulling over into some ditch, jumping out, and taking pictures to capture an image. They just shake their heads!


I was born and raised in Virginia, now living in Caroline County. A middle school art teacher for 38 years, now retired, and now a full time artist, Nationally ranked water skier, and bass player. I seem to catch myself bouncing back and forth between watercolor paintings and larger pen drawings.


Most of my subject matter is from the back roads up and down the East coast. I also do architectural pen drawings of homes.


If you come looking and I’m not in the house working, I’ll probably be out cutting and splitting firewood or down behind the house waterskiing!

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